CONTENT WARNINGS: Self-harm, suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, profanity, mild sexual language. If you are feeling suicidal, want to hurt yourself, or are otherwise suffering from depressive or anxious symptoms, please contact the Crisis Text Line ( or another organization who can help. You deserve to see tomorrow, and you are not alone.

In Break Stuff, you make decisions for a troubled young woman who just broke up with her boyfriend. When your old friend from high school comes over, she invites you to vent your negative feelings by breaking stuff. Who could resist?

Break Stuff is a short Twine game about depression, lost love, feminism, growing up, and the brokenness that makes us human. It claimed 29th place in the 2019 Interactive Fiction Competition.

Click the links in the game window to navigate the story and make choices. You can use the scroll-bars to scroll and the full-screen button in the corner to enter full-screen mode.

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