By day, you work at a soul-sucking corporate job. By night, you dream of running with the wolves. What happens when your two worlds collide?

This short text-based game has four possible endings. Click on the hyperlinks to proceed through the story and make choices. You can use the "undo" or "redo" arrows to move backward or forward through the parts of the story you've already seen. This game is designed to run on computer browsers.

Content Warnings:

-Suicide attempt/suicidal thoughts

-Depression, anxiety, and anger

-Swearing (one instance)

-Gender dysphoria

-Brief, mild references to blood and predation/carnivory

Development log


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A different ending this time - subtle, too, but maybe more hopeful.  I want to play this over and over again.


Lovely, and, yes, haunting. It changed my whole attitude to my day today. Made me breathe a little deeper.

I’m so happy that the game resonated with you. Thank you so much for playing it. ❤️


What a haunting, beautiful game.  The prose is more like poetry and one can feel the depth of the character's pain (and freedom) throughout the story.  Well Done!  Look forward to seeing more from this game creator!


You’re too kind. Thank you so much! :D