CONTENT WARNINGS: Depression, anxiety, quarantine, addictive behavior (alcohol, food, Internet).

This is an interactive fiction game about being stuck in quarantine. Find healthy ways to cope with reality or engage in avoidance behaviors. Will you uncover hope amidst your sorrow or sink deeper into grief?

Click the links in the game window to navigate the story and make choices. You can use the scroll-bars to scroll and the full-screen button in the corner to enter full-screen mode.

For a person in the depths of depression, some choices that may seem straightforward to onlookers are actually very hard to make; you might have to scroll further down the page to uncover healthier options. But even though it can be difficult to take care of yourself and make positive decisions at a time when life feels bleak or even hostile, doing so has never been more important.

I hope this game will bring you some small measure of light in the darkness. Stay strong, my friends. ✨

~Images courtesy of Unsplash creators~

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